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Public Service Announcement: Don't let niggers happen to Your Planet

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Spaceballs was about ecological destruction in the name of profit at the hand of Jewish hegemony.

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True. I also believe it was meant as a kick in the balls to Lucas, the goyim who independently (no Hollywood) made the most successful movie of all time. While at the same time hopping on the money bandwagon called Star Wars.

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Wasn’t Spaceballs a Mel Brooks movie? He’s jewish

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Every. Fucking. Time.

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Check out Netflix now. It's filled to the brim with media of white people being the villain.

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High IQ apes at the mercy of low IQ apes.

It also suggested that no apes are capable of possessing nuclear arms without destroying everything.

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Those who remained white went underground and advanced into a superior race, those who mixed their society and interacted with others degraded and lost their civilization.

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After having watched the last installment, a colleague of mine noticed the same thing. "What if you replace Ape with Nigger?" he asked me. I replied: "Nigger no kill nigger". We both had a hearty laugh and continued with our work.

My colleague is black.

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I find that scenario very hard to believe; not saying it didn’t happen

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Heh, it was a weird day for sure. I've managed to slowly redpill him over the course of a year, and he's starting to see the political agenda in movies. My guess, he recognizes blacks and whites are being pitted against each other.

It was a moment I won't forget very easily, a kind of personal triumph I guess.

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You bastards. You blew it up!

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I found it funny in the new movies the focus was the apes and almost ALL of their enemies were white, like there was 1 or 2 black people in all of the movies. When it came to the final movie it had a bunch of patriotic white people acting like the usual evil nazi's having the apes act like slaves.

It really seemed like more anti-white propaganda that will enslave, beat, torture, and kill people they believe aren't equal to them.

The movies were really dumb, bad story/plot hardly made any sense. This is what happens when you try to force a certain theme without trying to make the story good and consistent.

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