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Ohh the story itself is so much better than the title...


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Oh that was a tasty article ! Layoffs at CNN , BuzzFeed and Vice that's Awesome .

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I can't help, but feel like they're just saying change and turnover to bring back some normies they lost. Phrasing such as "less than 50 people" and "restructuring" make me suspicious that this is really anything.

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Brian Stelter would look good in a work camp

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Not crumbling hard enough or fast enough

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I guess plugging holes in a sinking ship could be considered a form of "restructuring".

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Yeah. Restructuring. Sure they are.

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Will I be more enclined to watch their shit? Hell no.

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If the msm crumbles, those in which service they are, will crumble too.

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CNN isn't really hurting all that much.

In fact 2017 was CNNs most watched year ever.

These layoffs are really just fat trimming in the online digital units.

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i believe it. these fucks made so much money trump bashing. trump this, trump that, the libs lapping it up thinking finally someone is listening to them. but just like when trump won the election, they will continue to be surprised when they lose.

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Restructuring's also the perfect excuse to fire the people you previously couldn't. If they've been moving people like that over to the digital unit, it's possible that most of the people sacked are just ones they wanted go. Either way, it's an excellent remind to not dance until the grave's dug.