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I remember when they pulled this shit with the witcher 3. It's a game made in Poland, based on Polish mythology, and people were pissed that it didn't, as a global IP, represent "American demographics". I'd love to see people complain about the lack of diversity if some place in Africa made a piece of media based on local stories and only included Africans in it.

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It is fun to us Slavs when niggers try to pull at the racism card. We never interacted with them, never colonized them, never had wars with them and never enslaved them. Then they come along and demand we respect their feelings. We do not care about them not do we feel any obligation to respect anything related to then.

They are such weak people with such a thin skin.

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I was on the fence about getting this game because it looked like too much of a time sink with the learning curve, but I think this pushed me over the edge. Thanks Streisand Effect!

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My copy of the game and accompanying sword arrives today.

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got mine in the mail last night, sadly wasn't able to sit down and play it yet. Glad i backed it on kickstarter after all this stuff blew up.

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Ok I may actually have to get this one. Interesting world concept with the lack of fantasy.

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The world in this game looks great, however the gameplay is not my cup of tea. I appreciate what they did, but that doesn't automatically make it a fun game to play imo.