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except this has been well debunked. these are not ISIS flags

This is Facebook level Stupid

Images tweeted by local tv station WXYZ included similar weather conditions and the presence of multiple flags (none of which were the sort linked with the Islamic State), demonstrating that this photograph captured an anti-ISIS demonstration in Dearborn, not a pro-ISIS rally

These are local muslims protesting against ISIS

Dearborn Muslims Protested ISIS, and You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next

So, to recap: American Muslims in Dearborn banded together to vocally and visibly protest ISIS, and within a week and a half, parts of the right-wing internet were circulating a photo of this demonstration as proof that American Muslims in Dearborn were openly supporting ISIS.

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anyone who say something you do not believe is lying.

It's also your argument against your political opponents

have you ever been mistaken? Guess not!

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I'd probably protest people beheading and raping to death my people, too.

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Because 1 billion Muslims never have any religious differences among themselves. Never ever. Really.