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Did you expect from a fraud of a president to not have a fake painting?

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He is like most talentless painters you would find in LA or Paris who just paint over pictures... Which is probably what he did... At least there are no decapitated white children in this painting.

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Do you know where I can see this decapitation painting?

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I'm not sure, it said where in one of the articles. Somewhere in the states.

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I am not American, so excuse my ignorance. I find it hard to believe that this is going into the White House along side all the other paintings, like Washington's, Teddy Roosevelt's, etc. It's just so cheap. It's garbage. It looks like really cheap wall paper. Who would want themselves memorialised like this?

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It's a digital image of a nigger with marijuana behind him.

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It's not a digital image. If it was a digital image, it would have been printed from a printer. But it was not printed from a printer, it was painted on, painted from a projection on the canvas. Therefore, it is impossible for the designs to be exact digital copies, because they did not originate from a printer, rather, they were in fact painted on.

I was being sarcastic, because I was trying to explain this to some people, and they were giving me shit.

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What else would you expect from a groid, other than some kind of ghetto move/ripoff.

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This could be one of those things where the print is then "touched up" with accents by the artist.

"Sure, it is a print, but the author made this single brush line on this print. No, right here, this accent line on the eave overhang. See, it's real paint, you can feel the raised bump."

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There is a digital printing process for "painted" art called Giclée. It prints ink on canvas but the canvas can be textured up with Gesso to give it a more "by hand" appearance. I'm putting my money on this being a Giclée work designed in PhotoShop and printed on canvas. It just has that look.

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I had never heard of Giclée before. Thank you, goat.

[–] OhRutherfordBehave [S] 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

No it's not a print, I am being sarcastic because people are giving me shit for pointing out that it is literally not possible for this to be an exact copy. What I think likely happened, is the painter used a screen projection on the canvas and filled in the lines.

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What you mean is the painter’s poorly paid assistants in his Beijing studio filled in the lines after he supervised them setting up the projector.

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Yeah no

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Called a "hand embellished print"

I fell for this too and bought what I thought was a oil painting by a black artist.

The artist turned out to be a lazy bum who contracted it out to the Chinese, who coincidentally ripped him off as well and sell it direct from a website years later after he had moved on.

They have warehouses full of guys slapping a layer oil over a print. Good thing I was only out $30.

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I learned about this at a "starving artists sale". "oil paintings for as low as $19!" Yeah, shitty prints with 1 embellsihment on it.

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Is it a painting if there was no paint involved? One might call it a "portrait", but I don't think a "painting", no.

(In before MS Paint BS.)

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Faggot painting a faggot painting for a faggot

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The painting is gay. Most art is bad.

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