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Boo! Why’s he have to bring cannabis into it? That’s the only thing Obama did that I thought was cool at the time.. admitting he smoked not saying “I didn’t inhale” like a bitch. Didn’t matter of course because he mocked the internet for wanting legalization. Ben Harrison usually hits it spot on this time he shoe-horned his anti-cannabis sentiment into it. Disappointed.

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It's not that conservatives don't like pot. It's that they don't like change. The pot just lets them use the degeneracy excuse.

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Ben Harrison had some good ones during the election, but this pot thing just feels like grasping for straws.

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"Pretty sharp!!" would've sufficed. I think people would've been able to work it out for themselves.

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Could he be a nigger Jew? : https://kek.gg/i/5v_Qzs.jpg

Every single time?

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Garrison has been on fire as of late. He should have been the one to do the Obama portrait.

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They're immoral. They're the same shitheads that were crucifying witches during the inquisition. These are the type of people who just want to see the world burn and will hop on whichever bandwagon is winning at the moment to do that.