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It's why they can't ever be trusted, and should never reach political office or positions of any power in American companies.

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If you are not a muslim.... here's how it goes... the muslim lies to you... until the day he can either enslave you or force you to convert.

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Didn't he cut off her head, the default muslim setting?

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They have a constant urge to blow themselves up. They have to fight the urge on a daily basis. Just like you and I have a natural in-born instinct and daily urge to eat, breathe, sleep, and have anal sex, muslims have a constant urge to strap on a bomb vest and run into a crowded market

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We really do have the best trolls.

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So...it's all worked out in the end?

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You can’t spell moderate without retard.. think about it, but don’t hurt yourself...

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The Stranger within my gates,

    He may be evil or good,

But I cannot tell what powers control—

    What reasons sway his mood;

Nor when the Gods of his far-off land

    Shall repossess his blood.

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if only YOU alone paid for you stupidity. Then you are welcome to the spoils. Until then asshole, you live your life and I'll live mine... my life doesn't include you invading my country with a bunch of savage assholes who'll want to cut my head off. If that is your plan, I prefer killing you as opposed to suffering the result