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Moralfags get massively butthurt over free speech.

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Thats their problem I suppose.


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The only con of free speech is that people can lie and spread false information, and people can say things that piss you off.

While we have laws in place to deal with the former like libel and slander laws, these laws don't guarantee that your reputation won't be ruined or that the false information won't have caused lasting and permanent damage. I can tell everyone that Cheerios cause brain cancer, if I'm influential enough I could cause their entire company to collapse based on a lie - or what I may believe to be true but isn't true.

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As you already know.

People shouldn't worry about the law until it becomes a problem, as most people are good and safe. Everybody has their limit though. Hopfully they express their opinions with well placed words before deciding that this planet is no longer worth it.


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The biggest pro of Free Speech is that I get to call you a faggot whenever I want to. NiggerFaggot.KikeCum-dumpster.

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Triggered cunt, we are good, unless you choose otherwise.