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I lol at their butthurt.

I don't find it acceptable at all behavior..no one I know is willing to and the attacks I get...lotta ugly accounts there...Can they not be removed? If not then this is not the solution.

No can has shadowbans? Oh noes!

Right, except that the v/PatriotsSoapbox is not as toxic. Perhaps if all of us go over there we can change that culture. I agree ... right now I do not like it there. Sigh. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ... we can not allow them a victory

And this is why we react with violent words. They are invaders not comrades. They must go back.

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They don't want to contribute but rather tear down and censor. If they actually want to contribute, they need only comment. Their comments would stand on its merits. But we all know why they won't do this.

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The truth about the late migrations is that no matter their ideological lean, they ste mostly swine unable to appreciate voat's pearls of freedom.

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Literal faggots. And then they wonder why we have pre-emptive animosity. Because we have been through this many times before.

The filtration system has not failed us yet. We must persist.

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The filtration system!! Shit that made me laugh you kike dick sucker.

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With all the boomer grannies here, it's time to shill for tradwives. It'll throw them off their game.

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They'll just cry when they reflect upon the fat lesbians they raised and all the cat grandchildren they have to look forward to.

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They want a place to go, free of censorship so their posts won't be deleted but won't come here because people say shit like nigger, gas the kikes race war now etc. Maybe it's just a shock to see unfiltered posts.

If they just focus on their own sub then they won't see any of this shit anyway and even if they do they can just downvote it plus there's already a v/Calmbeforethestorm sub. Fucking boomers everywhere man wtf.

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I think the Q anon stuff has just been "truther" YouTube shills that have a boomer following. The first hundred or so threads on 4chan were kind of interesting then the boomers really took over with their own tripcodes, YouTube videos "deciphering Q's codes" and shit like Pleiadians contacting Trump. That pretty much confirmed it as a LARP for me. It looks like it's snowballed from there.

I just think they're in too deep. RIP to all boomers lost in the Q anon LARP.

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My impression of voat...
Voat veteran: "this place is about free speech and no censorship. It is a place where anyone can speak their mind freely."
New Voat user: "Hi. I'm new here. Glad to be aboard!"
Voat Veteran: "Fuck off faggot nigger jew! Get the fuck out of here and while you're at it, kill yourself."
New user: "but I just wanted to..."
Voat veteran: "shut the fuck up! What part of shut the fuck up don't you understand you goddamn kike fuck? Go back to reddit where they like to censor people!"

Yep. That's us.


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Best comment in that thread, IMO.

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brings a tear to my eye. I'll actually miss the voat immune system one day.

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Check this out:


Reddit Birthday
December 20, 2017


Bonus from OP's linked thread: Someone saying they're going to take up arms, and then admitting instead they are a 68yo grandmother.

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Lol, I figured I'd save the punchline for those who check the thread itself, but this will do. Has anyone archived this before it gets eddited?

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Looking into it already and tracking it back.....lol I think that was something really stupid to divulge.

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Capped unt logged.

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Is my math right here

Says they were 14 when this happened and are 68 now. Well that was 50 years ago and you add 14 to 50 you get 64.....not 68?

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I like that we are worse than 4chan. Gud werk goatz.

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8chan has more loli faggots so we have higher T.

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It's crazy sounding but it takes time to get used to an environment where there is no censorship. It's a shock to the system for many people.

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You're way down here at the bottom. I'd almost lost hope I'd find some perspective for a minute.

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Just sharing my point of view.

I like to read through the comments too. The best comments often aren't the most upvoted or at the top position.

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they dont 'get it' and i dont 'care'

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LOL! I'm 68, and I don't have any guns. I did study Tae Kwon Do for several years! I'm a feisty grandmother!

Yeah not the type of people I want around.

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