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I'm not religious but I was raised Christian. My folks always talked about how Christians and their values were under attack, I would just roll my eyes. Now that I'm older, as it tends to happen, I've begun to realize that what they were saying is correct.

The point of this farce wasn't to achieve some sort of equality, it was to instill fear. To force those people, who's morals are the fabric of the West, to submit. Their goal is the submission of Western (White) people and the eventual destruction of the West. As it was mentioned in the OP (whether their facts are correct or not) there are thousands of bakeries owned my muslims or othodox jews who likewise would have refused to bake their cake but they are protected by those who wish to see the West destroyed because they are accomplices in that destruction.

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I'm not Christian, but I completely agree that there is a war on Christianity. it is targeted first and foremost by left wingers. I can't tell you how many times I hear some dunce left winger quote the old testament, and when I point out that it is a Jewish text first and foremost, they mumble that it is racist to say so.

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Isnt't it amazing how you can state one simple fact and their argument crumbles? The people who try to justify Christianity is bad could simply talk about pedophilia in the church (all levels) or something like that. Instead they talk about old testament quotes that are outdated and irrelevant to the bigger picture. Anyways, the core values and 10 commandments are simple things to live by and need to be known (don't have to be believed) by all.

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Same here, although I'm still a Christian. My parents always talked about the gay agenda and I mostly thought it was bullshit. Now I know better. They have infiltrated the Canadian public school system and the legal system, and they're slowly squeezing society to bend it to their will. They were right.

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The sword of critical theory. The shield of political correctness.

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Clever. Although a PC version of Ephesians would be hilarious if distasteful.

Breastplate of being offended. Sandals of the gospel of victimhood.

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Equality is the original lie, and it breaks all who follow it.

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They skipped the muslim ones for personal safety.

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No, political safety.

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No. Gastric safety.

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This is why I have a problem with faggots, they are gayer than gay. Fucking scum faggots.

Real gay folk should take these faggots to task, fuck them in the ass....harshly, like with a brick or something..

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All faggots should be executed, including your unicorn "normal" gays. They are all inherently liars and deceivers.

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Many gays are a result of child abuse and environmental exposure. Many are victims.

[–] hels 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

and pedos.

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Yeah! And they need to film it too! Then we can all watch it later and totally not masturbate cause we're all so straight!

For real though, someone make that video and send it to me.

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Gays are degenerate.

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Yep, they would never pull this on muslim bakeries.

They know the rest of the left would turn on them with a vengeance. (Plus the muslims might beat them to death).

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I wanna open a gay friendly bakery and charge them twice as much. I think I may be a Jew trapped in a gentiles body.

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You think that’s bad, I just read your post and thought it would be a lot easier to just start a Patreon/GoFundMe where you say you want to start a gay friendly bakery but can’t because of the patriarchy. Then you use all of the money collected there to “fund” your gay friendly bakery blog on Tumblr that costs you nothing to maintain where you post pictures of cupcake mixes at the store along with pictures of your armpit hair which you claim are your artistic expression.

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thats disturbingly brilliant.

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The offended are started to become the offenders. Social justice is an illusion, someone is always bound to get hurt.

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You could call it an illusion, but it's really just the philosophy of collectivism which puts the group above the person. Social justice is inherently immoral because it is always at the expense of individual justice. That is why it is always destructive.

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This is why God said to throw rocks at faggots until there's nothing left.

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Rocks or faggots? Some places you'll run out of rocks before you run out of faggots.

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you just need one really big, reusable rock.

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You can reuse rocks ya know.

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