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Unfortunately, bills become law regardless of whether they are signed by the President. Once passed by both houses of Congress, a bill becomes law in 10 days unless it is vetoed, which requires an affirmative act. So the argument that any laws passed are invalid is going to fail regardless of his qualifications for office. Would be interesting to make this case with respect to any executive orders though.

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There is an exception to the 10 day rule is Congress is not in session at the expiration of the 10th day. In that case inaction actually leads to a "pocket veto" since the bill can't be returned to Congress. That brings out that he did veto 12 items (although one was overridden and I am not sure how many were pocket or standard). The argument could move to applying those laws since his veto was fully invalid.

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It's certainly an argument that can be made. There's also certainly a counter-argument.

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Dam. I knew that at one time. So that's why no one has brought that up. OK.

But otherwise, technically, nothing else he did or ordered as President is/was actually valid.

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That's an argument that could be made. Whether the Courts would agree with that argument, and how the public would respond to such a ruling one way or another is an entirely different question. There's certainly a counter-argument that his actions as President are valid because he was sitting in that position, and acting in that capacity, and that there was no legal challenge to his holding the office. There's simply no precedent for this, so the proposition that everything he did can be retroactively invalidated is in no way cut and dry. There's also a question of who would even have standing to challenge his eligibility for the presidency.

For one thing, it would be hard to undo the 70,000 bombs that he dropped during his tenure.

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knowing this


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All summed up in just a few words:

The Kenyan Muslim Socialist pretend President. Biggest scam ever perpetuated on the American public.

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This is the second. The largest is the financial crash and bank bailouts.

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Neither Cruz nor McCain are eligible either, because according to the language used in the Constitution, you must be natural born and not naturalized.

Natural Born means the father must be either a natural born or naturalized citizen; the mother is irrelevant. Cruz' father is not a citizen, and McCain's dad was a citizen of the Arizona Territory.

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Genuine question: So you're saying his mother wasn't an American citizen?

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At that time the law would not make him a citizen were he not born within the US. It required his mother (the only citizen parent) to have lived in the US for at least five years after the age of 14, which was impossible since that would require her to be at least 19 and Ann Dunham was only 18 at the time. That would mean Obama had to be born within the US or not be a citizen, period.

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Excellent. Thanks.

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He is a natural citizen but the certificate we all saw was fake as fuck. The real one(which has probably been destroyed) reads Frank Marshall Davis as the father. Look him up, you will notice he had roots in Chicago and Hawaii. Also look at Obama's pic next to his "real dad" and then try it with Frank Marshall Davis. I Think the Kenyan story was disinformation.

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I thought it was trying to be proven that it was authentic birth cert but they couldn't, found out it's fake.

Edit: Yep that's what he said