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Maybe he should endorse another feminist ghost busters movie.

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I have to admit that trolling Dan Aykroyd for years, refusing to even look at a script for Ghostbusters 3 only to sign off immediately on the shittiest version ever conceived decades later and permanently staining the careers of everyone involved is kinda funny.

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Comedy, creativity and science is oppressed under their bullshit.

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On the topic of science: Modern physics is dominated by you-know-who's. I'm not sure I believe the LIGO experiment can really do what they claim (measure the warping of spacetime to the precision of the radius of a proton)

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Fuck this man is a god damn hero. We will not have as many influences as such for generations to come.

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no it just means people like Michael Richards get vilified bc of jokes.

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Appropriate submission from OP.

Also he was hilarious in that zombie movie.

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In their world, nothing is funny.

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God, this makes me so happy. Bill Murray was like a father figure to me growing up. Hands down my one of my favorite actors. So glad he’s woke.

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couple weeks ago I watched Dave Chappels standup from 2017, it fucking blowed. It started off alright but he quickly turned into a whining political stooge, then to top it off he told the premise of his punchline for the show at the start, then at the end he pulled it out and it was the dumbest dryest joke ever but that audience was full of retarded pigs so naturally, they found it hysterical. I was left wishing I never watched it as it tarnished my view of him. He's not a puppet who lost his edge and is strictly a prostitute for an agenda. RIP Dave Chappelle. Richard Pryor might have got MS but at least his image was never tarnished in my mind - A true comedy legend (I don't give a fuck if he was black)

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