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TLDR: Fat loser quits; blames passers-by and complete strangers she met along the way for her failure. Because of "toxic" ideas held by the strangers.

Bonus factoid: Crazy fatty "prepared for months" for a 2600+ mile hike... and has to take a rest after 4 miles because her shoes didn't fit correctly... so, apparently, "preparing for months" for a 2600 mile hike didn't actually involve any actual hiking.

You can't make this shit up.


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Even then, if she had been preparing for months she likely would not have been fat any longer.

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Excellent point. I don't know her, but I suspect preparation of a months worth of hiking and let's be conservative on this, by the end of the month she would be up to hiking at the very least 20-26 miles a day? At 3 MPH for 8 hours this is realistic. I suspect there will be some days you hike longer, some less. But to tackle 2600 miles of the PCT (much of that is in the Sierra which is under snow for some areas as much as six months a year, not to mention the Cascade) that would be 325 miles a month. Hiking for just 20 days a month at that rate would yield 480 a month. We haven't even brought up the wildlife issue. As she would have gotten closer to the Sierra she would have seen mule deer, and where there's deer theres large cats. Also Elk, very territorial elk. Bears. California Bears aren't vicious vindictive bears like a Kodiak but they still can hurt you. So, hiking for five and half months would tackle the entire trail.

One month would effectively be just shy of a fifth of the hike. Just doing the math to really see what would be involved at the lightest. Food drops and animals are a whole new issue I couldn't even begin to comprehend.


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"prepared for months"

Means 'posted on facebook about it' for months.


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Ahahah, that's probably right. If we're being generous, maybe she also walked around her neighborhood on the nice sidewalks 3 or 4 times a week. If she had worked any harder to prepare, she wouldn't look like such a dumpy mess.

This appears to be a lonely woman craving attention of her peers, and also acting on her need to make others believe that she is virtuous. The irony here is that if she did work hard for this kind of hiking, she'd be in great shape, and men would give her a lot of attention... assuming her attitude isn't awful. But she's a feminist, so....


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i.e., virtue signaled about it for months. Now she can virtue signal for life about how toxic masculinity prevented her from completing her big hike.


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Some dude probably "man-splained" about how you needed to break your shoes in and hey, there is a way to tie those laces so your shoes fit better. REEEEeeeeeeee!


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She learned of it from a documentary that starts with a woman's toenail falling off, and then she goes and does it and complains her shoes don't fit? Oh you poor fat bitch. Why don't you go crime some more tears. How about another twinkie, you stupid bitch?

I've through-hiked literally across entire countries. I've run marathons. My toenail has fallen off. Even if I was as fat as this bitch, I would not go cry about how other people ruined my hike. Get the fuck out of these trails. No one out there gives a shit. We go there to get away from dumb, whiny bitches like you.


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I came to the comments so I wouldn't have to read all that. But after reading your post I might have to now.


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I read a some of it and skimmed through most.

Definitely worth perusing through. You really cannot make up the emotional insanity this woman feels the need to broadcast to the world. Sad.