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I agree, but it is his self-made/"private" sub after all. I see it as akin to private property, and the owner should get to decide who he lets in. Unless the sub has a large following and lots of other content contributors; then it's more like a "public" area. Just my opinion.

He does have a long ban list, which speaks to how much he values free speech.

I think there is a v/TrueBetaHate you can try posting to if you're interested. It's disabled, but you can always make your own sub.

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Thank you for sharing that. If it is indeed his own, then he may do as he pleases. IMO though...you can’t bash betas if you are one yourself as is @EarlPoncho in this case.

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Yeah the white sups are as bad as the sjws. You havent figured that out yet?

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In all my time here, I've had to ban only one user. That ban was because it was evident that there would never be productive discourse and this choice was soundly supported by the community.

Which makes me ask, without looking, do you feel as though you'd have actually had productive conversation? Were you presenting your views in a civil manner? Were you able to post without regressing to insults and vulgarities?

The crux of the matter is that it is their sub and they can do as they want. But, you can certainly complain and give notice to other folks. The questions above are mostly rhetorical. If you're banned, you may wish to engage in some introspection.

However, I see their comments in here and their debate tactics. So, chances are that your introspection needn't be very time consuming. When you wrestle with pigs, you just end up covered in shit. Count your time as wasted and learn a lesson, maybe? In this case, you've learned that they are a disingenuous twatwaffle of the highest order. Those who protest profoundly are often guilty of the claims they levy. Surmising that they're a beta is rational and is supported by the evidence.

Move on? Block the sub? Block the user? Count it as a victory, because you've saved yourself the time you'd have spent arguing with a moron. You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

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Who gives a shit. It's @EarlPoncho. He's like the old crotchety cook of voat. Call him a faggot oand move on. Or make your own sub and ban him! That'll show him!

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The ban list indicates that he banned you for being a beta. Do you contest his claim?

[–] King_Freya [S] 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Entirely. Not to mention my notification says I was banned for not knowing what a beta is...but I do...@EarlPoncho is a beta.

My evidence against him? He can’t handle criticism. He censors. He won’t argue with me publicly but continues to whine to me through private messages. Oh and he keeps asking for pictures of me lifting?

His evidence against me? Nada.

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he keeps asking for pictures of me lifting


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The dude continues to argue with me via message rather than publicly. I’d be happy to screencap and post if anyone cares.

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No. No one cares. I do find these threads a momentary distraction occasionally.

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Felt it should be known he’s a bitch. That is all. But I can see nobody caring. More of a PSA take it as you will.

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Your a Reddit retard go back to Reddit you fucking crybaby. Your psoting history looks like you are here to start shit.

[–] King_Freya [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Lol what? All I see here is people complaining about how Reddit mods ban, remove, and censor, so I point out that it happens here and what happens? You defend the same behavior you bash Reddit for. If that doesn’t scream hypocrisy, I don’t know what does.

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Your suspect as fuck bro look at your account it's fucking shady. We have had people just like you come here and try the same shit you are.

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you are pure soy. again, post your picture so i have more content to post at beta hate

https://imgoat.com/uploads/3db85ed909/85048.PNG have fun watching other men have sex with women you find attractive, soyboy

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Nice assumption again bud. What are you? A 15 year old edge lord? Where do I state I watch it? Oh...no where, but what would I expect from someone who spends all their time posting about people who “don’t really matter” to them? You sure have a hard on for them it seems to me. Maybe you enjoy looking at pictures of them? Get you off perhaps?