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Also, the testimony of Obama's boyfriend Larry Sinclair (before his death too): https://hooktube.com/watch?v=3QK0eGp3N6A (this is a full link - a short one is here)

This is a hard to find gif of Michael Obama's swinging nuts on the Ellen Degenerate show: https://i.imgtc.com/Hb1DiyL.mp4

Also worth noting that Joan was just going in for a routine examination (with a doctor she was very familiar with) when she suddenly died. Lots of shady there.

EDIT: Fixed link. DOUBLE EDIT: Sinclair isn't dead.

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She had a surprise throat biopsy that cut off her air supply, shady indeed. Almost as if being punished for what she had said.

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The Larry Sinclair link didn't work for me, I think this is a copy if anyone else has troubles with it: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=LsJEUak0fus

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Thanks - I didn't check that the video I originally saved was still up before posting.

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Not sure if it's just my computer choking or that mp4 is not working.

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Same here. Tried multiple browsers. No dice.

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open in new tab

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I’d love to hear a shitlib try to explain this one away.

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If we list out all the coincidences voat thinks were assassinations, I bet a few of them were coincidences. The rest should keep us up at night.

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There are no such things as coincidences in life. X happens, Y happens, and Z happens. Sure, her routine surgery may have had fatal errors happen and she died because the surgeons fucked up. That cannot be argued. What can be argued is that she called obama gay, michelle a tranny, and then lost her life because of it. We all know about the clinton kill list that continues to get longer, it wouldn't surprise me if we could put together a bush kill list and an obama kill list.

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a coincidence is when you and a friend buy the same tie and wear it on the same day...

there is only one kill list when it comes to Presidents and it has 3 letters

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There are enough coincidences to mean that some people are up to some shit. If even 10% of them aren't just coincidences, that's still a lot of assassinations.

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Exactly. How many dead ex-boyfriends would a girl have to have before you wouldn't date her no matter what evidence proved innocence?

What's Killary up to now? Gotta be pushing 50.

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The world is a shitty place. Thousands of years haven't changed that. In fact, I would argue things are coming to an all time bad.

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Certainly if measured in the probable lifespan of the species, we are at an all time bad.

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Says a 2.5 year member. Pfft.

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"we all know" was very reaffirming.

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You might want to try this post over in v/Memberberries

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pretty sure she didnt die a week later

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Yeah. That's a mistake on OP's part. It was about 6 weeks later. Still suspicious, imo.

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its not suspicious, she was like 84 at the time, anyone who under goes surgery at that age always has multiplier risks. unless your a rothchild, david had 8 heart transplants and died at 105.

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You a gain

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33 days later. (((THEY))) like that number.

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Yes and did you notice the "X" on the suitcase?

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Explain it to us. Not all of us get it.

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X is a sign of death.

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Why is that relevant? I'm not following...

[–] OhRutherfordBehave 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

X is a sign of death. Meaning you're going to be "X'd" out, that you have the sign of you are going to be killed.

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Wow. I had never noticed that before. 28 seconds if anyone is wondering.

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I'm not seeing anyones eyes Xed out or an X on a suitcase. WTF are you people talking about?

Oh, you mean 0:27, and that appears to be a mark to make the suitcase easily identifiable. Like Obama put a huge X on her suitcase that she didn't notice... lol Okay, you got me.

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That is odd

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The Peace Prize was for dropping so many Bombs of Peace from Drones of Peace.

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Yeah I 'member.

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