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ex-pat married to a japanese living in Tokyo. It is happening here. Now go back to sleep.


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The Jap gov have been going to the wailing wall for a while now. Its also been a trend for a while that kikes marry Asian women and move there to "work in finance". This being said, do not think for one minute that when a Jap sees a hooked nose walk into their bank to work that they don't suspect what's going on and they wont put up with too much bullshit before they come with the box cutters. Asians are jew wise.


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Bullshit. Documented proof or STFU


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My children go to Japanese elementary school, daughter has a gay faggot (male) teacher, and there is a gender bender (female) teacher that thinks she is a man. They have LGBT bullshit all over the school, and I had to go to a teacher's conference and they told my wife that they wanted to teach the kids about homosexuality and gender re-assignment.

I watch NHK, it's almost daily shilling for PC bullshit and Trump bashing. Almost every show on public television has a faggot, gender bender, or fat bitch feminist. The commercials are increasingly portraying women as powerful, and men as weaker and submissive.

The work place environment recently changed the policies to be more tolerant of gays and gender benders. I used to be able to make fun of trannies at work, but now it is a permissible fire-able offense in Japanese law.

The colleges are increasingly communist. My Chinese friend, who went to Tokyo U and is here on a work visa because Japan conveniently has a labor shortage, told me tales of how he had to correct his communist professors frequently about the real corruption promoted by communism, as he grew up in a very communist Peking, China. He also spoke volumes about the growing communist student's movements, which are starting to look like ANTIFA and Communist student's movements in the US. They are almost always promoting equal pay for genders, open borders, and most of all, anti-racism.

Japan is still largely Japanese, but those in power don't give two fucks about promoting the culture. The erosion has begun, and it is getting worse. I have almost 14 years of experience living here in this country as an adult. There has been significant changes in the last 5 years. More increasingly so in the last 3. Do not think Japan is a shiny bastion of hope. It is under siege.

Oh, most of the people I work with in IT are under qualified skabs from the third world. I am constantly fixing their mistakes and showing them how to do shit correctly. I haven't worked for a single IT company that had a high level engineer that was Japanese or made six figures. The country is deliberately hiring foreigners to keep wages down.

Oh, I just saw a commercial for workman, a work clothing store. They are promoting a women's worker line, hard hats and overalls. They just said something about women need to work too. Obvious tactic to increase the labor supply and lower wages, and lower birth rates, and increase importation of foreign workers.


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