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This a opportunity to red pill these people. come closer and burn with the knowledge of the vileness of this world. burn with the knowledge that there are people that work to destroy the grand works of humanity to subvert others as cattle and slaves. Learn your enemy and fight them.


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Pull up a chair and sit on the floor while I explain things to you my young grasshopper. Now, don't get offended, you're not a newfag anymore, 9 months is pretty impressive! But you're not quite an old goat yet, you're more like a kid transitioning into goathood. You're probably even noticing changes in your body, like a burning itchiness in your upper forehead, it's completely normal, your horns are growing! As such, it's time we sit down and have "the talk". You see, @memememema, the unfortunate truth is that not all people who come to voat are ready, or even able, to embrace the truth about the world, not even when it kicks them in the balls and then bare-assed farts in their faces. You see, changing long-held beliefs often makes people feel uncomfortable, silly even, for realizing that they had been wrong all makes them feel stupid. Now, you and I know that it shouldn't! After all, finding out you were wrong about something is an opportunity to get to the actual truth and grow as a human being! But sometimes people are funny like that. The sad thing is that these people also smell funny, and instead of letting them stay with us while trying to spoon feed them red pills, we found that it is just best to push them back out so that they can grow at their own pace without shitting up the place here. Now, it's very important for you to understand right now that we are not "banning" them, not at all, we would love nothing more than to have them eventually come back and participate in legitimate discussions with us on ANY topic; but, we are also a civilized people and, just like you wouldn't let a dog poop on your bed, we don't tolerate the subterfuge of free speech by people who only use it as a tool against itself. Are you starting to understand? I know, I know, It's an unfortunate way of dealing with an issue, but it is the only way that ends up working in the long run. The good news is, though, that no matter how hard we push, there are always those who suddenly realize they're being pushed and start to push back--it is at this precise moment that one of the most magical things in life sparks into existence: the birth of a new baby goat! It is a critical time for the individual and they will experience great birthing and growing pains: they will have to quickly grow thick skin to survive living in the harsh environments of the great outdoors, they will start seeing the world around them with new eyes, they will begin questioning everything they ever believed in while developing a new sense of self based on truth and logic--they're very hungry for information and grow extremely quickly. Not all of them survive the birthing and growing pains, and it is unfortunate, but, in our eyes, those who do are absolutely precious to us, and we form bonds of brotherhood that grow to create a framework for a better society. Already, our refusal to be subject to the enslavement of our minds has won the respect a whole new generation of human children who are, even now, more conservative than their elder millennials! But our work here is nowhere near from being finished. We must stay vigilant, we must stay strong, and we MUST be able to put aside our desires of "helping" these reddit immigrants by being friendly to them, it simply and unfortunately leads to them becoming more spoiled and entitled, we MUST MUST MUST have faith that nature will take it's proper course and give them not what they want, but what they NEED: denial and trauma. It is only through struggle that the minds of those ready to develop their individualism begins to form it's own sense of self. I hope you understand what I'm telling you here. Ok, that's enough serious talk, go on now, go play with the rest of your friends for the rest of the day, you can even stay up past your bedtime tonight :) but if I catch you shitting up my favorite boards I will straight take a 2x4 to your ass you fucking faggot!

:') they grow up so quick


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Just fyi i know this is a old response i have been here since alpha and just lurk and have not really been that active except in the last 9 months...usally i would just dump accounts to stay more anon but decided..why not stick on account for a bit. its here and infinity i jump between.