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The self-improvement talk is antithetical to socialist dogma.

If you or anyone think that anything Peterson says isn't incredibly obvious then you/they have a problem.

I don't know why people feel they can't glean anything from him because he's bluepilled on the JQ.

A wall built on sand will never stand as long as one built on bedrock. Peterson's only use is purplepilling the most normal of normies, his ideology is inherently flawed and watered down to the point where it is useless as anything but the smallest of stepping stone.

I don't have an outright hatred of the guy but the fucking cult forming around him is fucking ridiculous, yeah he told you to clean your room, and do basic tasks, why the fuck does that make him special??

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You're spending your time attacking someone who is benefiting people. That's all I need to know about you.

And you start with a blatant lie about what I said, that's all I need to know about you. Criticism is not attacking, i know the first instinct of a cult member is to attack anyone who doesn't buy into it but please stop being so transparent.

Please tell me what Peterson says that it's common sense basic stuff that you could find in any self help books.


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I don't agree with everything he says, but he brings up some very interesting points to think about. When he talks about cleaning your room because that is the first step to expanding your sphere of influence that might seem obvious to some people. For others, that simple action can initiate a transformation that will ripple to every aspect of their life.

That isn't the only subject that he provides some very sage advice on either, which I think answers your second question. What makes him so special? He has many lessons that a generation of boys missed because they either didn't have fathers or had shit fathers, that he can provide what deeper meaning these simple actions have doesn't hurt either.


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Thank you for at least trying to disagree maturely instead of the other Peterson fanboy that would rather call me names than address my points.

I don't think what Peterson is saying is bad, I'm just questioning why people act like he is this unquestionable perfect being when everything he said is basic entry level self-help book motivation stuff. The incredible defensiveness most Peterson fans (not you) display when I criticize him for this just sets off the same red "cult" flags I get when I've criticized various self help books and gurus for the same.

Ultimately I believe the almost religious devotion that Peterson fans show is unhealthy, when you rely that much on an outside force to manage your life for you it undermines your long-term growth as a person, there is a reason why Men are supposed to stop relying on their Fathers when they leave home and start being their own man.

Again thank you for being the first Peterson fan to disagree with me with jumping straight to namecalling.