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You should kill your self. Seriously.


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Spend your childhood dodging pedos and you would have a grim view of the world to. Your lack of empathy is very nigger. You want something clean or perfect or a idol to worship when the truth is no human is that. all that matters is that im not weak. there are those that will profess perfection and a ideal perfect vision for you to follow. the truth is very ugly and dark. Have you ever feared of being abducted because your mom was to stupid to see the church she was in was not what she thought it was. That you were in the middle of hungry wolves seeking your flesh and your only hope was to diminish your value relative to others just enough to not be the target of someone. you could have a good life if you just gave in and submited to it.

everything private school a perfect life the best healthcare. all the things you could ever want are right there if you sell your soul. tell me that you would not sacrifice another human for that. that you would not have given in with that gilded cage right in front of you for 10 years growing up resisting its allure. Tell me why you could resist in any capacity. If you say you would not be tempted you are only lying to yourself at this point.


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all that matters is that im not weak

You are weak, very weak. You and those like you are responsible for the destruction of civilization.

You would be better off dead, and the rest of us would be far better off and happier without you.

If you want pity, go back to reddit where there are thousands of degenerates just like you waiting to pretend to accept you for what you are. You'll get none here.