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I was friends with a guy in elementary, everybody wanted to be friends with him because his parents didn't give a fuck and we could run around town. I stopped being friends with him when he became a little hood rat without the hood, his parents were on pills and probably a host of other stuff and he was breaking down emotionally. He started really falling behind in school and by the time I was in highschool I would almost never see him, I'm about halfway sure he dropped out sometime around 10th or 11th grade. After highschool I started partying with a guy who was off and on relations with him. Turns out he had testicular cancer at 19 and had to have his balls removed, not to mention he was having seizures now. Fast forward a couple years and I'm driving through my old town and see a sign "In Memorial of C.J. Leoman", too bad nobody knows who he was. Shit happens.