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Don't take it personally that nobody told you. Nobody has a list of everybody who should be notified. I've seen people get pissed at close family members because nobody told them that somebody had passed, but when the news hits people, their natural reaction isn't to start brainstorming how to propagate the news so that no one feels left out about not hearing the news. If you don't check the obituaries everyday, it's gonna happen sometimes. It sucks, but it's not intentional. Anyway, you have my condolences in this your time of grief. Life royally sucks sometimes.

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Go for a memorial type ride in his memory

And then start looking for a few riding buddies for the future. Post fliers, ask the question online, however you chose - I think you’ll be surprised at how many people will be interested. Most will probably flake, but you’ll end up finding a few to join you.
Makes the world a better place, and get a few new friends out of it

Best of luck buddy