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Apartheid ended in SA 25+ years ago and there's areas niggers are running lawless. We know how blacks ruin US inner cities (Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore etc). The reason there is still some level of control here is because of all the handouts they receive. When the handouts aren't enough is when they will be very difficult to control. Owning guns and using guns are too very different things and it takes a lot for a civilized white to shoot in cold blood.


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I served in the Army for many, many moons. Deployed to shitholes more that 5 times. I will pull that trigger no fuckin qualms, and sleep like a baby that very night. Now put into context how many people in the US have deployed. I am not the exception. There are more people living in the US with combat experience than any time in history. I like our odds.


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If they can't shoot then they aren't civilized.