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The problem is they don't even get refugee status. Actual refugees fleeing actual danger get shunned because they're white. Blacks and arabs get free migrant passes.


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It's called white genocide mate. Blacks and arabs are imported to genocide the white in white nations. South african whites are genocided by the local blacks.

I'm just some random asian and I figured this out long time ago. It's really obvious, like the perpetrators aren't even trying to hide it.


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Asians have been persecuted by blacks in SA too. There is an Asian community in SA and they get passed over for jobs too. Asian means different things in different countries. In UK it means Indian or Pakistani, in SA it means Chinese. I am speaking of Indians in South Africa. Blacks resent them because they tend to be smart and successful commercially, like whites. Eg. No jobs for Whites and Indians in SA? They simply start their own businesses. The catch is that the law requires your business to be BEE compliant (black economic empowerment) so you then have to employ blacks over whites or Asians.


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Das ... Raycis ... (Like actually racist and why political correctness and SJW bullshit makes my blood boil like nothing else. Fuck the virtue signaling assholes)