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People who live outside the big cities are much more intelligent (in terms of issues that are important to them) than city folk. Go ask 100 rural people what they think of a transgender bathroom being placed in a city's subway system and they'll say it's a waste of time and money.

Rural people know that the best way to move forward is working together. If working with niggers is going to help you and won't place your wellbeing in jeopardy then you'd be stupid not to work with niggers. Some niggers understand this concept too and you work together not because you like each other but because it's better for you and your own.

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Agreed. I've been in some situations where I honestly did not think I was going to survive, eg me (white female) up against 5 niggers in South Africa. Then I get snot nosed kids here telling me my language (which is derived from Dutch) is third world, that I should obtain guns illegally and shoot niggers randomly, that it's all my fault for not putting up a fight, etc. These kids would not last 2 minutes in South Africa.


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A great many, in fact the majority of professionals in a developed country, live in a bubble and have never truly experienced life outside. They assume all people are like those inside their bubble, and have no conception how exclusive their bubble is.