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Here's a quick summary of the story :

Before white people was around they was kingz and shit. Everyone was a king or queen and nobody had to read or write or or speak the white slavers language or worship their single god.
Then the evil white slavers came and made africa poor. Then Moses sent his only son Robert Mugabe to lead the chosen people into the promise land, but the evil white slavers keep making Zimbabwe poor. Now in the 21st century the glorious Chinese communist party is going to bring diversity and equality for all Zimbabweans and take care of all their problems like having natural resources and no industry to make use of them.

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What a moron


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Jesus Christ, what a hell hole, although the article is trying to show happiness look at the ending. The man gets his farm stolen, on the day he gets it back, and it's totally ransacked, first thing the niggers do is ask him for the beans that are missing from his ransacked store house that THEY took from him at gun point. Holy shit, that is terrifying. What the fuck happened to Rhodesia? How did they lose that war? Did they surrender rather than fight to the death? Now they will be slaves to the niggers until the day they die....

Smart and his son held back tears while greeting familiar faces. Others were keen to get on with business.

"Hey Darryn, I want us to talk about my beans I stored in your warehouse," one villager said.

"We can discuss that later, man. Come on, for now let's just be happy to be with each other again," Darryn replied.


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Man, the PC is dripping off that FTA paragraph. Jesus fucking Christ.


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You forgot to mention how Yakub created the whites through hundreds of years of selective breeding.

Not a joke. This is a thing believed by the Nation of Islam.