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As a white South African, no they don't in my humble opinion. Even here on VOAT, I've had ignorant Americans (actually I think it was just one person with 2 accounts) sending me retarded hateful messages saying I was banned from some or other obscure subverse because "no saffas allowed". This retard also sent me a couple of words in my mother tongue of Afrikaans telling me the subverse was a "white area". Needless to say it was unable to respond when I messaged back in Afrikaans. So you evidently have Americans here who don't even know White South Africans exist, let alone that there's a genocide. With that level of ignorance it's no wonder white South African families fleeing racial persecution are denied asylum in US. It's all very well saying the nigger shit going down in SA wouldn't fly in US because you have guns. All the whites in SA had guns too and you know what? The black government changed firearms legislation to make it really hard to own one think it won't happen to you?


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I'd love to hear a lot more about your experiences in SA.


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I posted a story on the Niggers subverse recently, it was pinned, may still be there if you'd like to read it. I will be posting more stories there in future.


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Here's a story about my childhood I posted a few weeks ago:

I grew up on a remote farm. Farms in SA are gigantic and our house was surrounded by bush interspersed with apple orchards. There were plenty of snakes, large spiders, baboons and leopards around.

In those days, farms made use of black migrant workers from places like Transkei. My father would spend days driving there in a huge truck to collect them off the streets and bring them back to the farm. Before you ask; farm labour is carried out by blacks and browns in SA. That’s just the way it is. At that time, niggers still knew their place.

On this farm, the niggers (males only) were housed in dormitories about 3km from our house. The browns (people of Hottentot, Khoi and Bushman heritage) were housed with their families about 1km from the black dorms. The two did not get on or mix whatsoever. One time some strange browns and blacks came onto the farm and threatened my father; the brown labourers saved him by chasing the trespassers away. It was a different time. My father (without any training) delivered all their babies because we were too far from a doctor (let alone a hospital).

So this is where I learned about the Tokolosh, but I’ll save that for another story. This one is about how the niggers casually killed one of their own one weekend and were courteous enough to come and tell us they were going to do it.

On weekends, my parents would take a siesta. I would play outside in the sun with my dogs which were also our watchdogs. I recall an underlying feeling of unease and fear from a young age. If the dogs suddenly started barking, I would flee into the house and wake my parents because it was usually the case that the niggers were coming to our house to get my dad to break up a fight or to nurse an ugly head wound – they were always stabbing and chopping at each other. If it was browns it was more likely that he had to deliver a baby or something like that.

So this particular Sunday afternoon, the dogs started barking. I ran inside, locked the doors and peered from behind a curtain. There was a group of about 10 black men with sticks, spears and machetes. They remained some distance from the house because of our dogs. I woke my dad. I stood at a distance listening to the conversation, which went something like this: Boss, we’ve just come to let you know we are going to kill Lungawo (one of the black workers)”.

My dad asked why. “He’s been casting spells on our food to try and kill us, so we will kill him first.” There was no reasoning with them, off they went to hunt down Lungawo who had fled into the bush.

My dad jumped in his SUV and drove around the farm trying to find Lungawo before they got to him. Some parts of the farm you could only reach on foot and he searched there too. It started getting dark and still no sign of my dad. It got late and still no sign. In the early hours of the morning, he came in exhausted. He had found Lungawo’s corpse by the roadside where they had beaten him to death.

The next day, they all turned up for work on time like nothing had happened.


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I hate to say it, but unless you guys are going to overthrow the genocidal government, RUN. I know you're families have lived in SA longer than the USA has been a nation. But just run. Get out and get your family to (relative)safety anywhere that you can. Trump needs to address the SA genocide ASAP and start emergency admission of white people from that nation fleeing genocide. I have no idea why he hasn't yet.

But please share more about how and what has been happening. Maybe we can learn something together.


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The problem is they don't even get refugee status. Actual refugees fleeing actual danger get shunned because they're white. Blacks and arabs get free migrant passes.


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I post quite a bit on the Niggers subverse so you could check out some posts there. I myself now spend most of my time elsewhere but go back regularly, I was there 4 weeks ago.


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Running IS the problem. That and people who promote cowardice.

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People who live outside the big cities are much more intelligent (in terms of issues that are important to them) than city folk. Go ask 100 rural people what they think of a transgender bathroom being placed in a city's subway system and they'll say it's a waste of time and money.

Rural people know that the best way to move forward is working together. If working with niggers is going to help you and won't place your wellbeing in jeopardy then you'd be stupid not to work with niggers. Some niggers understand this concept too and you work together not because you like each other but because it's better for you and your own.


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I don't think you understand. The problem was never the existence of black or any other race.

The problem is the fact that there is a bunch of globalist bankers wanting to take over the world. And one of the things they started doing is triggering racial wars, because without chaos no change will take place. It is by design. They make different group of people hate each other on purpose.


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Are you an idiot? Where did this white Afrikaan say that rural people don't like guns? You're a fucking moron.


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I know what you mean, my nephew has been shooting since the age of 8.


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I really dont think that would happen to us. No offence, but I dont think you grasp how hard we hold to the second amendment. The last time a government tried to disarm the populace, it sparked our revolutionary war against the British empire. The British were going to seize the powder stores in concord and were met by minutemen, regular farmers who formed a militias and fought the biggest power on the planet at the time. There are, by various estimates anywhere from 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States ,close to one firearm for every man, woman and child. Attempts to seize them would result in a second revolution in the blink of an eye.


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Apartheid ended in SA 25+ years ago and there's areas niggers are running lawless. We know how blacks ruin US inner cities (Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore etc). The reason there is still some level of control here is because of all the handouts they receive. When the handouts aren't enough is when they will be very difficult to control. Owning guns and using guns are too very different things and it takes a lot for a civilized white to shoot in cold blood.