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[–] freshmeat 19 points -12 points (+7|-19) ago  (edited ago)

Or its possibly because as soon as you and SBBH caught wind of it you brigaded the post then began to concern troll off topic about account dates and made that comment the top of the thread to distract from the subject of the post. Nothing about an account date is a "gotcha" moment. Instead of discussing the problem of pedophilia on Voat you concern trolled, then had SBBH upvote it.

You are avoiding the issue at hand and instead want to distract.


[–] Le_Squish 4 points 9 points (+13|-4) ago 

You got caught using alts to make false consensus, dear.


[–] freshmeat 12 points -5 points (+7|-12) ago  (edited ago)

When you are honest you dont need to use alts (unless they are brigaded into censorship). I don't have any alts, I can barely even keep up with this one.

See the problem I had with the comment is it didnt contribute to the discussion, it received 7 upvotes in less than 10 mins, and it was the strawman about account ages to distract from the credibility of the post. No one truly cares about account ages unless it's spam, so its obvious when the only people who are even considering account ages in that thread is all SBBH users.

It's a distraction and my sub will not be SBBH's playground.


[–] Diggernicks 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Censorship is completely niggerish. Get back to Reddit you moralfag crybaby.


[–] freshmeat 7 points -2 points (+5|-7) ago 

SBBH is completely niggerish and letting them freely shill isn't happening in my sub.

Look at us talking about this bullshit instead of the pedophiles. That is exactly what SBBH wants.

i noticed your account is only 1 month old!