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[–] worthlesshope 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago  (edited ago)

Well first there is no evidence of them being dreamers, they're just latina. The girls did way overreact, but can almost be understood since it's difficult to think and calm down in such a situation, and I'm not sure what to say about the cop.. It just seems like a "respect my authority decision" she didn't respect him so he forced her off the train then arrested her. Since that's the case I'mma gunna say he's in the wrong, but after it got passed a certain point I guess he had to arrest them. I hope they had someone rational eventually explain to the girls once everyone calmed down.

A good cop would have just explained the situation and let them off with a warning. He really did take it too far. Something like "Be respectful to other people I'm letting you off with a warning here".

As for everything else considering the thread. Have free speech sure, that's why I'm here. Also in the world whites are taken advantage of and looked down on too much considering their a minority in the world demographics. But I prefer a middle ground where other cultures are properly assimilated and contribute to the growth of humanity while leeches, and other undesirable/hostile people stay in their own country.

This is voat I'm not going to be afraid of posting my opinion like I am on reddit. If I'm afraid then this just makes this place another reddit.


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The new craze to combat "man spreading" is for women to put their bag or feet in the adjacent seat. There are many people having to stand up after a hard days work, and she does this in defiance of the rules. She refused a polite request to move her feet and stay on the train, then she refused a civil request to exit the train without arrest, then she got what you see, justice.

I'm sorry you dont see it that way, is it because you share her demographic or just her disregard for civility and rule of law?


[–] worthlesshope 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago 

I'm a white guy. That's not justice though. It was taken too far. I do realize the difficult situation but I also know it shouldn't have been taken that far. One side had to step back and neither side stepped back. The police officer didn't need to step back first, but there should have been a point where he didn't need to handle his authority this way. A point where he could calmly explain what's going on, what could go on, and why things are happening. That point was probably after she refused to take her feet down. Some sort of middle ground.

As for why I feel this way. I have been abused by authorities all my life. I don't know what it is about me, but I got so much shit growing up by "not respecting my authority" type of people. Maybe it's because I'm white living in southern cali, maybe it's because I have a resting bitch face. In any case all that it made me become is someone who wants to fight for the underdog.


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Nah, fuck that. The cop being a pussy about it would just ensure nothing changes. She has no right to selfishly consume a seat with her dirty ass feet when there are other people on the train standing. Being a meek pushover will just embolden her to do it again or go farther the next time. It takes almost zero effort to just do the right thing and take your fucking feet down. Just because it came from a cop doesnt mean he is wrong or being an asshole.


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No, a good cop would have handcuffed them to a pole and called ICE to verify if they need to be deported.


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If you can not have impulse control when dealing with the cops you better have it before they become involved.

Shortly after I started driving I went from my grandmother's home to my parents (about 5 houses down the road) and went to turn left into the drive but did not check my rear-view mirror because well I'm turning left and have had the blinker on almost since I pulled out who would try to pass? we collided my car had a reflector cracked and a black skuff on the front bumper but was sitting at a 45 across both lanes of traffic blocking one of the 4 main roads out of town (yes I live in a tiny fucking town of sub 10,000). when the cops got there they told me and my dad we should not have moved my car but left it blocking the road. He apologized and said he told me to as it was virtually undamaged and there were no fluids or glass in the road, I kept my mouth shut. Yes we were wrong but we would have had a line of 30 cars backed up trying to get into or out of town as I was blocking both lanes.

when I was 17 I had a cop talking down to me and calling me a liar after I had been in an accident and with my father behind me as calling parents was a first response when someone else had already called it in and no one was badly hurt. Even then I was smart enough to just shut up and not mouth off as there was nothing to be gained.

Later in life I was dropping my then girlfriend off to leave for the army on the way back there is an intersection of 69 and 96 my Lansing MI I failed in reversing my directions on that and went the wrong way. In finding my way back I got pulled over for doing 50 on a main freeway at something like 1am there was virtually no other traffic. The other person with me did not have their ID so gave the cop their name and address to pull up on the computer the cop wrote this on my insurance information instead of any other paper they may have had. I was not amused but kept my mouth shut.

None of those resulted in tickets or arrests. If as a young man I could keep my mouth shut with them they could have as well. I am not a huge fan of the cops attitudes after my interactions with them but speak when spoken to and don't be rude will handle a lot of the issues with them. anything else can be chalked up to being nervous when talking to them as something just happened to get them involved. You do not have to like the situation or what the correct way to handle it is but you should still be able to recognize a situation where they are the authority figure and if you don't respect that authority at least don't insult it or you will get smacked down.

One of my favorite stories was one my friend watched as he went to the gas station in winter. A group of snowmobilers were driving down the road to get to a gas station (this was illegal, also the skis can damage the road when it is done over and over) Now this gas station welcomes them even going so far as to keep some snow on the pavement to protect it and the skis when they come in as the legal trail is near there. This was an out of state group (5ish guys) of snowmobilers here on vacation. A cop was coming down the road at the same time they did and pulled into the station and told them that he understnads they needed gas but please do not drive on the roads use the side of the road where there is snow as it will protect the pavement and protect their skis, and to have a safe time. As the cop is walking away one of them makes a comment something like hick cops or calling him an asshole for talking to them. Around the cops turns "Everyone off the sleds and get out your paperwork, everyone is getting a ticket for driving on the roads!" He tried to play it nice and protect the public roads without writing a ticket but one of them decided he was to good to take advice so all of them got to pay. I bet the next visit that group was down one guy.


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Yea I agree and I know I'm just accumulated downvotes by responding to everyone. But this is voat I'm not going to be afraid of posting my opinion like I am on reddit. If I'm afraid then this just makes this place another reddit. Anyways I'm digressing.

In your example. The last cop did right a good carrot and stick approach. Perhaps there is more missing from the video OP posted. I'm not gunna assume that the girl was being a bitch the entire time in the video. It really seems like the cop didn't even try to give a carrot at the beginning but proceeded and acted with stick right away. That's why I said in another reply with he should have said with "look you need to respect other passengers" and if she was all "fuck the police" then sure arrest her but she wasn't she was acting all meek and being not threatening, so I assume she wasn't acting all aggressively in the beginning.

The big fat lady at the end who also got arrested probably deserves it more than the first girl, but the first girl seemed pretty cooperative. Other than making excuses and saying "I don't deserve this" which I agree with. The punishment does not fit the crime. Especially since it was an arrest, at worse it should have been a warning/ticket much like your last example.