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That's exactly what the globalists wanted. Give up and they win.


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Make our women so abhorent that we don't have children. Anyone who knows about biology knows that women represent the reproduction bottleneck. If they made men abhorent it would do nothing to the reproductive rate.

1st priority, have children.
2nd priority, expect a lot from women.


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One healthy guy could probably get 1000 women pregnant in a year. Lucky guy, haha. Nice job. Anyway, the women then have to sit around for 9 months waiting for the baby to come out and take care of them and all that.


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This 100000%


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You sound like a whining little bitch. Go out and find a woman. Not some little girl.


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Women are people too and most people sucks.

Dogs are gud.


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All these smug man hating cunts that just recently came out of the woodwork that will inevitably die lonely with their cats

I think I hate women. I would prefer to stay home with my dogs and game.

Hopefully the irony doesn't escape you.

If degenerate sluts and femicunts make you hate women, then soy boys should make you hate men.

Neither of these archetypes is natural. Neither of them were common. Not before our schools were subverted by Communists, our children indoctrinated with "Liberalism", and the (((Media))) began relentlessly pushing Leftist culture throughout the West. The symptoms will go away if we deal with the source of the problem.

But none of these problems will be dealt with if we misdirect our justified anger and hate, from the people who caused all of this, to the people we need in order to ensure the survival of our kind.

That road only leads to more misery.


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Check out v/theredpill

You don't have to hate women just learn to realize which ones you can hate and which ones are still worth saving


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But are you single?


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Get in with Christian women. Found in a good Conservative church. “Christian” girls at liberal churches will not look much different from the world these days. You need God, man. A good godly woman will do you good. However, with all the wild oats you’ve sown, you have a ways to go to clean up your life and up your standard. Quit the porn. Quit the sex outside of marriage. Do something with your life that’s benevolent and see which girls are beside you. Those are the better ones.


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Get in with Christian women

I tried attending church and bible study meetings to meet women. All the young women were already taken so I just gave up and stopped going.


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It's okay to feel the way you do. Even the best of us can become fatigued, overwhelmed, and feeling fucking over it by the constant bombardment of all the negative shit around us (same goes for positive). I hate people to the point that I ain't living a life I should be living at this moment... and is something I need to work on because I do not want to die unfulfilled.

"The SJW Crap, liberals, lgbtbbqxyx, US politics, forced agendas, narratives and all the crap going on online" is propaganda, and it is double edged blade that works for the globalists both ways. As in, yes it is corrupting our society of young and impressionable ones with their bullshit as well as it is making it so that men and others literally start going their own way, further driving a division between everyone. Divided and very easily conquered when a society is so degraded to the point that we turn to hate each other instead of the pieces of shits that are the root cause for our division to begin with.

Nature helps heal fatigue - perhaps you should take the dogs out for a day hike? I take long ass drives and hikes when I get feeling the way you do, which forcibly gives me a break from voat and more importantly people.

Lastly, much like not all men are pathetic soyboys - not all of us women are worthless thots.

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