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idgaf about the homosex

Your indoctrination is complete. One step from being a faggot.


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I think there's a pretty big differences between hating homo's being indifferent to homo's and completely embracing the current LBGT weird quasi communist and gender fluidity messages.

For people who aren't told to hate homosexuals by their religious beliefs one of the biggest reasons to be against it is because they think it's disgusting but that's hardly a good reason to be against something it's mostly just a gut reaction I think all sorts of things are disgusting doesn't mean i have to hate people who are inflicted with said things or take part in said thing.


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For the love of God, please use a period every once in a while.


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Nothing stops a homosexual person from living a normal life.

1) The Jews used excuses like, "I can't visit the person I care about in the hospital because we aren't related!" Then change the laws. Even if I'm not a fag, I find it annoying when I can't see a friend in the hospital. That's isn't a reason to have gay marriage, that's a reason to change the law's around hospital visitation.

2) Another Jew excuse is that without civil unions and/or marriage, they can't legally pass down their belongings to the person they are buttfucking. Again, then change the fucking laws around who/how equity is transferred between people. Lot's of non-fag couples live together without marriage and if I was 90 years old and had a friend as a roommate and had no family to leave my shit to, I should be able to leave it to a friend. These problems are related to complicated and shitty laws, not fag marriage.

3) They want marriage, parades, recognition, to be taught about in schools, yada, yada, yada. The truth is, none will have natural offspring nor should they have any offspring at all. There has never been laws stopping two people living together as roommates. If two people live together and want to stick their dicks in each others hairy assholes, there isn't a single law to stop them. Why do they need to talk about it and have parades about it. We don't have Penis Into Vagina parades because it's simply not appropriate, so this idea that we have to celebrate sex, specially perverted sex which will result in either fucked up one parent kids or no kids at all.

4) Fags should live quiet lives and not bother people with their faggotry, because it's gross and unnatural. I don't think we should kill them but we need to discourage such behavior.


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Wanna meet up and fuck sometime?


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Would you like some making fuck, berserker!
Would you like to suck my cock, berserker!


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