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Nobody likes faggots. Once the natural order of things is restored, they will go back underground or be destroyed.


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Explain why Jesus never mentioned us? Explain why we were an integral part of celtic, germanic, greek, and italian cultures before Talmudic interpretations began to dominate Christianity?

Could it be that the gays in those days acted differently than those in today's society? I would posit that what most people 'instinctively' dislike are gays that have been perverted by cultural marxism into faggots. Why would certain interest groups go to such trouble?

Well, traditionally, in Western culture, it was the gays that went off to war. Were there a few exceptions? sure. However, they were revered as warriors in plenty of cultures. Even in the modern navy/army I have known plenty of gays that joined specifically to be in the company of men.

Cultural marxism was designed to change all of society. In particular to neuter a society from being able to defend itself. The first thing you do is turn the military gays into faggots... Straight men usually have family/kids. It's only natural for the gay men to go into military mode and defend the tribe.

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western culture was transformed into Jew culture around 300AD. Jew culture is anti-homosexual, as thy lose wars, and promote large families in order to spread as many Jews around as possible, in order to keep the race/religion/culture alive through all the conquerings, purges and other pogroms. They fill the gaps in other cultures, becoming whatever that culture lacks - be it moneylenders, moneychangers, scribes, educators, non-moralistic scientists, fortune tellers, priests. Whenever a culture bans something or lacks something, Jews rush in to fill these holes. They are allowed in for this reason, then they start spreading themselves and their culture, and are eventually, after a few generations, kicked out because they did more than what was asked or needed.

Now, Jew anti-gay culture is now embedded deep in the West, so much so that even those who claim to hate the Jews still hate gays, not even realizing that they are just doing the Jews' bidding. Whenever a fag gets bashed, the Jews rub their hands together in glee.

Edit: Agreed, faggots are intentional plants to ruin gays from participating and rejoining their place in society.


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No thanks faggot you were hardly an impact in human history in any positive way and historically you fags have had negative impacts, like today. Jesus said kill faggots btw.


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Unfortunately many voaters are conservative faggots too.


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I wouldn't say many are. In the time I've been here, I've only seen a couple handfuls admit to being degenerate faggots.