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Enlightenment thinking was heavily influenced by freemasonry, which in turn is an offshoot of jewish mysticism. This is very apparent to anyone with eyes to see. The end goal of the Enlightenment, freemasonry and jewish mysticism was and remains the destruction of Christendom. Humanism, freemasonry and jewish mysticism all point towards one end, the deification of man over God. Judaism and freemasonry hinge on the notion that man can harness the pantheistic forces of the world (ein sof in judaism), and by doing so, become gods, the enlightened ones that soar high above the unwashed, unenlightened masses. This is what kikes obviously believe, and so do their partners in crime, the freemasons.

So there is this connection between the talmudic school of thought and enlightenment era thinking, embodied by anti-Christianity and the whole-sale destruction of traditional society - the French Revolution and the freeing of the kikes from their ghettoes were early crowning achievements of this unholy alliance. Kikes and freemasons believe they are like gods, fit to lord it over the stupid, unenlightened masses as they see fit.

As for Enlightenment era thinkers and their so-called objectivism, probably many of them genuinely believed they could find "objective truth" - and we're still to this day suffering from their delusions - but ultimately, at least from a kike perspective, these were but vehicles for tearing down Christianity. Same with "democracy" and most other developments in the modern era. It is more than probable that many of the Enlightenment era thinkers were simply useful idiots, pawns in a game overseen by the kikes. So while there are many factors that join Enlightenment era figures and kikes and their beliefs together, ultimately it seems that most non-kike figures of that era were rather useful tools for paving the way for jewry's rise. I doubt kikes really did and do consider non-kike freemasons as their true equals, although this too is possible to a certain degree.

As for the so-called objective truth those figures claimed to seek, all I can say is that their "truth" is the greatest falsehood of all, but unfortunately nowadays almost everyone shares in their delusions.