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just scatter the posters off campus but don't use campus equipment to print them up, buy a shitty cheap printer compatible ink run the fucker dry then get rid of the printer. I'm not sure if this is legit but type writers inkjet printers and lazer printers have flaws like scratches built into them sorta like rifling on a firearm or unique indentifiale markings.


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That may be smart. I really doubt they'd last long in the hippy trendy town, but my roommate has got a printer so may be worth a shot.


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the thing @ideseststicks is referencing is called 'fingerprinting' or somethiing like that

i do know it uses faint, tiny, light-colored dots to identify the device that printed something. ive seen enlarged (ENHANCE!!!) pics of the identifiers.

just a bit more info in case you want to look into it.