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Ack. Come on. Don't make it sound like I fear them. I once passed a boy wearing lipsick, a skirt, and fishnet stockings. I'm not afraid of the circus I just am not really allowed to speak my mind there.


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Until you get your degree in hand you should fear them. if they catch you they can have a giant drum circle tantrum until the dean kicks you out. Or more likely, false sexual harassment complaints til you get kicked out. It won't be legal, they don't care. It will take years and thousands of dollars to get your credits back.


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I am a girl. I don't think sexual harassment complaints would work on me. When it comes to liberal identity politics that helps me a little, though most of them call me very sexist against my own gender. Internalized oppression or something. They think I'm brainwashed.

But yeah. I dunno. I guess I'll just sit it out to be safe. Maybe ask my roommate since he just finished his degree last semester. None of them are crazy liberal and I enjoy talking about politics with them, but they also haven't quite got all the way to a red pill just yet. I'm not sure how they would take these posters.

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No. This school made the most financial sense. With it, I am graduating with a computer science degree with barely any debt. I'm quite pleased and looking forward to starting my adult and work life.


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Maybe you should print and post carefully and sneakily. Just don't trespass or do anything illegal - you'll be fine.