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BenGarrison Cartoons on Twitter: "#MyBordersMyChoice Meme-a-riffic!" :

Posobiec Media🇺🇸 on Twitter: "#mybordersmychoice… " :

PeterSweden on Twitter: "Retweet if you agree.… " :

The Golden One on Twitter: "LET'S GO CHAMPS! Here is the new link to the #MyBordersMyChoice project. Check it out and share with others :-)" :

Mr. Frexit 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "NO means NO #mybordersmychoice… " :

Tara McCarthy 🎀 on Twitter: "#MyBordersMyChoice “Citizens own the public land in their country, just like a family owns a home and a person owns his or her body. Being forced to accept strangers into your country is just as absurd and wrong as being forced to accept them in your home, or your body (rape)."" :

CA Sanctuary State Sign and My Borders My Choice Jan 21 2018 - YouTube :

/pol/ News Network on Twitter: "As Twitter continues to shadow ban #MyBordersMyChoice, anons are gearing up for January 21st. Posters can be printed from…" :

SPLC Hate Tracker on Twitter: "Latest top trend: #orban, also trending: #mybordersmychoice"

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