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Not sure why you got downvoats for that. Maybe they only read your first line and were TRIGGERED lol

Yeah they hit you in the hospital when you are less likely to resist. They can bill out another surgery. That's big dollars.


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They were pushing me pretty hard with my first born, at time of conception. I turned it down with valid reason, nurses werent too happy about it.

My sons mother got herself locked up during her second pregnancy. Due to her actions child services were able to keep me mostly in the dark blocking any communication. So they were able to get her to sign away the baby, but I was able to be there for the birth after much fighting.

The nurses then were even more militant about a circumcision. Mom there signed her entire life over to me while in the hospital, so she couldn't sign anything. So I was able to refuse that then as well.

I'll never live in a big college county again.


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Man, what you are describing sounds like a nightmare. I hope things get better for you and the family. These kinds of stories make me give up hope in the system.

Fight on.