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Well what do you personally think the affects on a baby might be when it is genitally mutilated within hours or a few days of birth and with no anesthesia?


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Cognitive dissonance. Dude is probably circumcised and finds it easier to defend circumcision than it is for him to face the reality that some fucking mocky mutilated his genitals.


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I have no doubt that if this actually took place, everyone that could in any way whatsoever be linked to this - the hospital, any other doctors or researchers - would do everything possible to have any record of this destroyed.

It could be argued that what they did was human vivisection. I understand that they were probably going to do the circumcision anyways, and just recorded the brain activity. But it still could be argued that this was human vivisection.

Whoever was a part of this needs to lose their medical licences. Not because they did research on circumcision. But because they were too stupid, even after being called out, they were still too stupid to realize that this could be called human vivisection.


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Move to a non-shithole country and reproduce the results.

Only 4 of those non-Jewed countries left, and none of them is a place that you'd want to do scientific research in.