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This 29d Chess Move. CNN has done the knee jerk reaction again and repeated SHITHOLE 20+ times live on air, a channel that was shilled into be ran on every public tv from airports to shitty texmex joints and other family establishments.

What does Obama, Clinton Foundation, McCain, Ryan, and others that pledged OUR MONEY to HELP the Haitian people right after the disaster have to show for what THEIR Administrative State was in charge of.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/what-does-haiti-have-show-13-billion-earthquake-aid-n281661 - http://archive.is/yIQxc

Don't forget that child snatch teams that were emailing Huma on Hillary's Illegal Bathroom Server then Hillary's Maid would take the printed child snatch team plan and hand it to someone higher up, maybe Hillary, maybe Bill, who knows. - http://archive.is/ekFBK - sitting right there on WL servers, people who would later be arrested for grabbing CHILDREN and not checking for closest living relatives before ushering them off into their terrible future of rape, slavery, murder, or all of the three.

Every major player in Human Trafficking showed up at Port-Au-Prince with "US AIDE" and only the intent to profit off the tragedy. They get more people angry at the United States and they profit at the same time.