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1) Still too many

2) Is there a difference between "resettled refugees" and just "refugees"?

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id say "resettled refugees" are established, as in they are from a shithole.

"refugees", would be those seeking asylum like Venezuelans.

"fugees" would be in reference to 90s hip hop group.

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Well if they'd all just quit stayin' alive we'd be set...

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I looked it up and I think it's permanent refugee transfers after they've initially arrived somewhere. It doesn't seem to count their initial arrival. Here's my other comment regarding it that mostly says the same thing. https://voat.co/v/whatever/2336328/11609527

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No more niggers.

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not just 'Niggers' but unwanted criminal, stupid, jihadi, drug dealing gangster, islamist people, Trump has also mentioned Crimes and Gangs coming from South America and Latino Criminals from Mexico....it is a long long list of trouble which may or may not include Niggers. United States Homeland Security lists risky nations, these countries as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Trump went on to list alleged terrorist plots by immigrants from Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, along with incidents of alleged terrorism plots or acts by immigrants from countries not among the seven specified by the eventual executive order such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, and Morocco, In a speech Trump listed terrorism attacks in the United States and mentioned the Boston Marathon bombing, which was carried out by Caucasian White islamists but yes many 'Niggers' may also be banned or blocked.

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Those are all niggers.

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How many did israel take? The jewish question, if you will.

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Omg, is that guy he's talking to supposed to be a caricature of a jew?

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Holy shit why have I not see this before?

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cucked nations increasing refugees a worthless amount

It's weird that they see the destabilizing effects and don't do anything about it. I wonder (((why))) their governments are going against the wishes of people.

Do they assume once they reach a Muslim majority the issues will stop?

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Do they assume once they reach a Muslim majority the issues will stop?

Well the migration would stop. So there's that.

Ever notice how no one wants to migrate to muzziestans?

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Ever notice how no one wants to migrate to muzziestans?

Cucks bitch and whine about needing to save sandniggers but everywhere sandniggers go they bring their problems with them.

Almost like it's an ideological issue and not just a "few" bad ones.

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lol canada, that's like 290k for the us given 10x smaller pop

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That's a good way to look at it.

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Australia is also bad on a per capita basis.

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Sweden, France and Germany are fucking morons

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They all increased how many they're taking in . . .

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its a tragedy were going to lose them.

im scottish, german and irish....and to think i can go to my homeland into an irish bar and be among my people. devastating. my best freind is 100% irish. and 39, he has a daughter 50% irish and welch. when she is 40, she will not be able to experience her history and be among her people. and neither will i

i hate europe.

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I'm a quarter German myself. I used to be proud of that.

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The number the US is taking in is absofuckinglutely insane. And there's no work here.

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That Trump allowed 20k refugees in is frankly an outrage.

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he didnt

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