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It doesn't work because the Jews do not give a shit. Outrage is just words, and none of the outraged are willing to do anything than yap on the Internet. The Jews don't give ground to the enemy, we should be learning from that.

Same in a more serious way with Tiananmen Square. The Chinese just do not care.

Deluded westerners imagine the Chinese don't know. They know. They don't care. In fact most Chinese people are on the government's side for a long list of reasons that become obvious if anybody reads the history or watches a documentary, even one from our perspective.

The lesson here is if you're doing something to contravene the Liberal Social Order, don't explain yourself, don't apologize. You don't need to justify yourself to them. That's connected to Spencer's "Becoming Who We Are". White people don't need to treat with zenomorphs and mudbloods. The idea is ludicrous.

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Yep. Whites care too much about what other's think. That's why most internet moral police, SJW, social media virtue signaler and similar type of cunts are mostly white. Other race don't give a fuck about what other races think.

Then there's always that white betafag who get offended "on behalf" of other race then got checkmated by member of said race because of ignorance.

When I say white, I refer to the "American progressive" white areas like US, Scandinavia, Canada, UK, Germany. The eastern Europeans are still based and proud btw, even when they make games/fiction, their FEMALE artists still drew girls like girls, not girls purposely made fugly for the sake of not offending the pink haired obeast feminazis. Why do I talk about video games? Video games "female" design is a really good indicator of how "libtarded" the company culture is.

Eastern Europe is like the last bastion of white civilization where whites were proud of their tradition instead of being busy worshiping the latest third world barbarism and Sodom culture.

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Because white people are compassionate and are capable of empathy.

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Jews are also the one screaming outrage. So when they do things there is no talking about it or it is anti semetic

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There's some of that but you should be aware of how bifurcated the Jewish people are. Outside Israel they are very liberal and within it they are very right wing. There isn't really a feedback loop between the two groups because they're interacting with our surrounding culture instead of their own. It's like a metapolitical wife swap, or two celestial bodies bound by gravitation spinning around each other.

You might not like to hear it. We are more similar than different to Jews. The Two-Tribe political model evolved over untold time in both groups and that is the biggest contributor to the friction that exists between the far right and far left and the Jews. I cannot prove but I suspect that without them we would be more right wing and without us they would be more left wing (in Israel).

I think also Voaters and most white Westerners overestimate Jewish influence on the European peoples and have underestimated or not even acknowledged the reverse. To a Jew in Israel it may seem like we are constantly interfering with his politics and religion.

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I am not disagreeing with what you have said.. But western civilization and America has some how reached unprecedented heights while having the liberals doing all kinds of crazy shit.. Muslim countries are very conservative and ultra right wing conservatives have more in common with right wing Muslims then they do with left wing nut jobs.. Maybe it's our weird balance that is our strength somehow? Just drunkin thoughts.

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Can you explain your post like I'm retarted? Because I feel retarted.

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Oy vey, us Jews cannot racemix or accept refugees because there is only 6 million of us.

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There was a little. Or more like the woke pointing to Israel and saying why do they get to do this and yet their diaspora work to block Europe and the US from doing the same.

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Open Borders for Israel, more diversity!

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I'd like one legit example of something negative said about jews on TV in the last 40 years... Or even a debate about the jew issue. How is it that every God damn open and honest comment stream has a shit ton of comments about jews but literaly nothing from the mainstream?

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Because TV is controlled by jews. The most anti-semitic anything you'll find is Cartman in South Park. I think that's only allowed because it's done in a busting his balls as a friend way...and money, lots of money.

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Yep.. Good example south park is at least dog whistle getting it out there.. Good point and your tske is correct it's done jokingly so it's kinda ok. But everybody knows where there is smoke there is fire and there are tons of people pointing at the jews it can't all be just smoke.

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Sorry not hooktube https://youtu.be/bv4UOwAWhpU

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Also i think Dave Chappelle is hinting around the jew issue as well.. Its like it's on the tip of his tongue but he can't say it..

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No problem can't always link everything.

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It is even more bizarre when you think about how small Israel is. It is just as large as New Jersey and has just 8 million inhabitants. This would be like Germany kicking out 400k rapefugees, and boi would there be teeth-gnashing and hollering.

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Well, their master didn't tell them to be outraged so they aren't.

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we have 50k here in Canada... It'd be a fucking god send if this happened

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