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a man in a loincloth and face paint is saying "Fucking Jews".

Gets me every time.

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Yeah, it stings. The fucker has more sense than we collectively do apparently.

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He's just demonstrating peoples' natural reaction to the jew, when they haven't been inundated with "racism" and "anti-semitism" guilt-trip memes for three fucking generations.

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It is an instinctual reaction to a foreign species attempting to subvert your people.

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That is rich. I should probably vacation there. We'd all get along famously

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Religous fredom? They have their own fucking country and they can also go back to Israel

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Wants religious freedom- forces religious beliefs on natives. Fucking jews.

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Truth be told, they probably tried that "charge with interest" bullshit and get the locals in debt

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Exactly! You want to ruin a country, go ruin yours!

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Try to say that out loud and not dry heave. What a fucking biased deceitful statement.

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Are you talking about Trogdor's comment of the part of the article he is quoting?

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The weird part is these Jews thinking that living in "exile" means going to a place where people already fucking live to enforce their horseshit.

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It was more likely this guy who told them to fuck off.

Pepe has no time for their khazeray!

(that area of Guatemala has weavings and embroidery to die for by the way)

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This guy is obviously high stylin'!

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I dig that guy's outfit.

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damn, he nice

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In bangladesh they are considering sterilizing royhinga muslims


We too need to do it asap, in the form of a welfare contract

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It looks like this is a true story. I dug further and they left Canada for Guatemala to pursue their version of Judaism. They made the locals nervous so the locals told them to leave. They have moved to another town in Guatemala (for now).


Money quote:

Rejecting the state of Israel because it views the Jews as a people in exile, Lev Tahor members hope to find land elsewhere in Guatemala to build 30 houses to resettle the 200-odd strong community, Goldman said.

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Omfg, this is so fucking funny. I'm sure that Christian missionaries have been booted out too, but still funny 😂

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It's in Latin America. Of course it is heavily Catholic.

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I don't think so since Christians don't ostracise and consider people animals for not being a part of their little group.

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No matter how much of a shit hole it is, it just got better.

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Ever notice how scrawny and inbred those orthodox Jews are? They look like they weigh all of 90lbs. I saw a boatload in the airport in Kiev once, and every single man looked like a freak. The normal Jews and Ukrainians looked far healthier. On the plus side, they aren't afraid to smack their little kids if the kids misbehave. Smaack.

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