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O_O What does it say?! "Shoplifters will be immediately prosecuted by ONE PUNCH MAN!!!!"

Edit: I am not sure the country this took place in, but people below are correct, you cannot use excessive force von shoplifters in the USA, and shoplifting hasn't occured until you leave the store.

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He would not have lived through it

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Well, he wouldn't have gone full force either; the blood spray would have given everyone AIDS.

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OPM pulls his punches with humans.

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Your already dead!

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Edit: I am not sure the country this took place in, but people below are correct, you cannot use excessive force von shoplifters in the USA, and shoplifting hasn't occured until you leave the store.

That needs to change for niggers, spics, sandniggers, and Jews. Immediate and even deadly force used against them for literally anything they do to a white, even if it's as small as making the white feel uncomfortable.

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Because basing lethal force on feelings is how logical, wise, white men should act.

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This is the only way niggers understand that they are doing wrong. Violence being turned on them.

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Negroes have no self awareness

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That wasn't shop lifting, yet. The guy who threw the punch is going to jail

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Looked like he might have been a customer. I hope so. He could just high tail it out of there leaving behind one rekt nignog.

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yea, i was going to leave comment like that. I usually pack all groceries to a bag, because my local store has this retarded basket It's too big to carry and i'm not going to drag this thing like an old lady.

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Yeah but it's obvious this dude was stealing

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No he isn't and it's clear his intent was to shoplift. You don't have to wait for a crime to be committed if you can stop it in the act

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Legally, it's not shoplifting until you attempt to leave the building. While I appreciate his efforts, the truth is all he really accomplished was getting a record and gave this dindu a free ride because I garauntee he'll cash in somehow.

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You don't know what you're talking about. If this was the U.S. or anywhere in Western Europe then the puncher has no leg to stand on legally. Dindu had not technically committed a crime yet and unless you're a mind reader you're not going to prove his intent. Furthermore, even in states like Louisiana where a shopkeeper has the legal right to use reasonable force to protect his property, this was still not legally defensible because the amount of force used was not reasonable.

Big box stores like Wal-Mart generally have policies not to confront someone until they try to leave the store, and to not use physical force to do so, because they know they can be sued if someone gets hurt, even if they were stealing.

Now don't get it twisted, I don't give two shits about this thieving dindu getting his jaw rocked, but from a strictly legal point of view this was not a legal action anywhere in the U.S. and in W. Europe the puncher would definitely be going to jail and getting successfully sued.

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the guy did get charged. the laws are pretty clear. this is why I punched out the paki security who grabbed me while I was in the store (I didn't take anything) and outside the store I threw some gook over a pile of potting soil and pulled my knife when they tried to detain me because some fat bitch didn't like that I was wearing a backpack. If someone hits you or grabs you, you have the right to defend yourself.

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You're assuming this was in the US.

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Or anywhere in W. Europe where the punch thrower definitely is going to jail as well as getting successfully sued by the thief.

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Hahahaha wasnt expecting that. This is how we should solve most problems with thrievery.

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Like smacking a dog on the nose for stealing your food. Do it enough times and they learn. Nig nogs need a similar approach.

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No, dogs are smarter as they can be trained. The average porch monkey will generally go back to jail within a few months after release. Free room and board and they can hang out with their family.

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We are fucked because my mastiff could be hit with a brick for doing wrong shit and she would still attempt to do said wrong shit.. Mastiff stubborn as a mule and sometimes the same size.. Mine is small for a mastiff 130

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Yeah, mastiffs can be stubborn. Just like nig nogs.

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That was a damn fine punch.

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Had plenty of time to line up

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That nigger is probably sorry. Just a guess.

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He laid his ass out cold

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