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There's nothing wrong with showcasing children that desire to dress a certain way. You do realize that back in the 90's there was this show called "The Drew Carey Show" in which Drew's brother was a crossdresser who would end up marryinig Mimi Bobeck, a female.

I think people need to understand that there is a very big difference between people who sexually identify as another sex and those who just dress in close that aren't socially right for them.

If a boy wears a dress because he likes the way it looks, then you should respect the boy to give him the opportunity to learn more about himself, in fact by not having him wear the dress you may actually be pushing him into thinking that he's actually a woman trapped in a man's body and go through surgery to change his genitals.


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People like you need to understand that what you think feel or say has absolutely no importance in the world. Trannies are less important than ants on a sidewalk. If they have something good to contribute to the world like surgical skills or superior accounting ability, then they're surgeons and accountants.

Whatever led you to believe that you were entitled to tell 99.97 of the world what they should think? Get your ego down to earth and fuck off.


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Its mental illness and Its jewish degeneracy


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Ya boy wants to wear a dress? Make him wear a toga or a kilt instead.