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Either way i dont owe shit to anyway so your fucking ass is no different from 'Joe from Microsoft Vindows Wirus' that called just before you.

Come at me.

Oh by the way, anyone got any good ways to look up and fuck with debt collectors? Id love to find out where this guy actually works (has flatly refused to give any details at all, and will keep bouncing between 'my name is zac' and 'im from queensland') Im literally just about to go up to the sports store and buy an air horn. It would be nice to be able to get a letter delivered to his work desk with shit like talcum powder, glitter, and my own shit.


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I get too many spam calls from random computers that then hang up on me to bother answering my phone. Leave me a message or text me.

That said, I'd go with the air horn. Or talk real creepy to him and freak him out.

Does he have an accent? Indian scammers are told to choose a name compatible with their target civilization so people will relate to them better. The number is probably spoofed, but you could try to get a call-back number from him. Might have to play along for a bit first.

"Look, I'm going to send you a check. That's just how I do it. What's the address to send it to?"


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no its an aussie so hes apparently working for a 'legit' company, but the he quite simply refuses to say anything until i give him my full details. Told him my full name once, he wanted my address, and was told 'fuck you, youre not rejigging whatever youve fucked up to put on me, you tell me who you are, ill decide how i react'

Its one of two things - An electricity company that i have a bill with a due date with a money amount on it, and a bpay receipt showing it was paid days earlier, that company will have a recorded phonecall confirming to me 3 times verbally that the bill is zero and they will cut it off. In which case they have been sold a lemon by the utility company.

The other would be Centerlink Robodebt, in which case he can suck my dick, ill wait for the royal commission and my chance to ask how centerlink can invent a debt, then use their own appeal system to say 'yep you owe us money' - i fucking dont. I was on unemployment for a month last year, and still have all the declaration paperwork. Theyve averaged out your yearly non benefit income, then compared it to the month i was on assistance, and decided that id worked too many ours averaged over the month that i wasnt working and therefore i owe them.... something?

But neither of those are relevant because hes already thoroughly fucked himself by refusing to identify himself for almost 6 months, all of which are recorded. Once he tells me what company he works for he will be getting a visit from the ACCC and QPol.

Also of note, its all covered by - Extortion, Unlawful Stalking, and Using a Carriage Service to Menace laws, all of which were brought in to deal with these fucks, but are solely used to fuck up men that a woman decides she cant say no to.