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They killed him in cold blood like he was a threat although he was outmanned, outgunned (was he even armed?), and I think he had his hands up.

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I heard and watched the video they made from inside their truck, and it wasn't particularly favorable to them. Guy that got shot was pretty eager to engage in a confrontation with them, and that's never a good idea. Especially after refusing to to pull over, and then attempting to run a blockade. I'd have opened fire on them with everything I had as it became clear they planned to use their vehicle as a weapon.


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And people think Alex Jones is stupid/paranoid/fear mongering selling bullet proof vests and panels to put in your bags to use as a shield.

A bullet proof vest or plate carrier is a must when dealing with Feds like this. Especially if a Democrat is in the White House.


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Except he didn't have his hands up and he wasn't still. He acted like a typical pavement ape and got shot just like one.