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I'm gonna tell you my biggest problem with this whole video... Use night mode.

Beyond that, there are shareblue shills that flood this site when important things are happening and $hillary Clinton just got a bunch of investigations started on her so you shouldn't care what nonsense comes back at you. Do you and if people agree or disagree don't let it change who you are.


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What I have gotten from this video is that this person can't fathom criticisms of SJWs assigning blame on any basis other than liberalism (individualism). Secondly is that this person is incapable or unwilling to charitably address the comments he shows, as feeling happiness or pride in the accomplishments of white men =/= taking credit for said accomplishments.

I stopped watching after 3.5 minutes, boring and pedestrian.


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Thanks to https://searchvoat.co/, I found the thread he references here: /v/whatever/762124

The original video is gone, of course, whatever it was. The "you look like a fool" comment is, too, but some people nuke their accounts periodically, so that's not a certain sign of regret.

People were more paranoid about moderation two years ago. It was the reason most of those people were on Voat at all. It's good to hear his views on it.


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I want to share this with you after I have got many Fuck off Nigga comments from some VOAT users. Same users are not block or ban? Please explain to me why?


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I'll be the first to bite the apple:

Fuck off Nigger. Set yourself up for that one mate. You have to understand we see "Nigger Faggot" as a compliment. It shows that we can post whatever speech we want without fear of it being censored by the Admin. The only place it might be censored is in subverses that have been infiltrated by those who don't like voat and it's free speech. We laugh and post it when it happens.

**I am assuming, something I have done 4 times on voat now, maybe 5, that you are the one in the video. If not please let me know because this paragraph doesn't pertain to you if it does. Your username doesn't match OP from video unless this is a second account. I got to where you did your jump cut and stop. Honestly, was hard to watch. You appear to be in a motor vehicle with what appears to be alcohol. If you are in the US that could be considered a felony. The only state I know with open container allowance in the US is Connecticut. You rambling made it hard to discern what points you were trying to get across. Maybe do the video when you are sober? **

So as far as blocking, you are able to block anyone simply by going to their profile page and selecting block. After that you will still see posts they make but you will see that their comments they make will be carroted up. You have to expand their comments to see them from that point forward.

Bans are handled by subverse. These are monitored and there are ban logs and reasons. These are usually known spammers, bots and so forth. Some regular users get caught up in it from time to time and they can appeal. Often, they just make a new subverse as the most banning is done in order to censor speech that the mods on a particular sub don't want showing up to counter their agenda. @HenryCorp is one such power mod who now mods subs that no one really frequents. People just made similar sub verses and moved on.

The only thing really not allowed on Voat is kiddy porn.

Look man I am not here to attack you, I don't think anyone is here to attack people. Most come to have an open, honest, REAL discussion about the world, events and life in general. I think you misunderstand what goes on in voat and all the inside jokes that we have at this point. It was obvious when you got sensitive about the "Fuck of Nigga" comments. GROW SOME SKIN, you will have a happier life when you learn that you decide what effects you and no one else. Let the water roll of your back like a duck and move on.

If you just posted this now, a video from Jan 3, 2016, it only got 319 views in 2 fucking years. GET OVER IT if you are OP in the Video. Just sad if you are coming back now to get a response.


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Thank you very much! Just now you have showed yourself in real light. Yes, you are one of the users making this site going down. Please go and check next link and you will know what I am talking about. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/voat.co