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Or she knows damn well what they'll do to her if she dates or is friends with them, and she's using your racism as an excuse.

This way she can claim that she's unable to do all the things that she tells everyone else to do, and it's not her fault. As well as getting to play the poor victim of a racist brother.

She never has to date or be friends with minorities, and at the same time she's a victim of racism. She's smart and stupid at the same time.


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Dad I REALLY want to take some big black nigger dick and Jews are offering me money to fuck but I don't dare because @Killer_werewolf is just so racist! *sigh* I guess I'll just have to date white men who keep acting like they want to marry me and father my children.


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My sister along with All other Upper Middle class Bay Area women legitimately don't even think about marriage until they are 27.

To be fair, this is also true with Most Upper Middle-Class Bay Area men as well. The thing is unlike girls, boys don't have a wall.

My sister was legitimately surprised when some classmates from Arizona said they planned on getting married by age 25. Not the usual feminist envy of other women where they pretend of getting surprised, but actual surprisedment


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My ultimate goal in life is to merry a woman I love and have children with her. Black man's nightmare.


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I'd also bet she uses it as justification for one night stands.

"Well, I can fuck them, but I can't take them home because of my racist brother!"


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What it sounds like to me too.