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TBH, you're not supposed to care that much. It's her life to fuck up as she pleases. But if she's explicitly husband hunting and the girl on the right has caught your attention, disengage, lose her number, don't give her more than a one night stand. You know, the old saying, don't take her home to meet your parents?


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Yeah, actually, this is helpful. I lost pretty much a decade dating women that were completely unsuitable. This kind of advice counts for more than people think.

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  • Demonstrate value
  • Engage physically
  • Nurture dependence
  • Neglect emotionally
  • Inspire hope
  • Separate completely


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This is the true hero in the comment section. I almost passed right over it but I saw you!


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Yeah don't hate her for being a cock whore. Just use her like she wants you to and then leave. Some chicks need that constant emotional tornado of instability in their lives. Not your fault if she fucks like a champ and wants to smash you. Just do what you want with her and leave. Women like this are essential in our society.


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The idea of renting or borrowing a fleshlight isn't super appealing, and neither is someone like that.