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It's a comment on the degeneracy that's become prevalent.

When you tell women they can be anything, do anything (meaning don't have kids, don't focus on family, don't look for long term happiness), fuck anything--with no consequences, you get the pic on the right.

Which is an inability to pair-bond with a man--because she's looked in the eyes of so many guys. And being a good wife is not possible.


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What if the best approach is just genuinely showing women all the data and trying to reason with them, hoping the ones that we get through to will project their fortune on to the others in the way of vicarious reenforcement - a learning process wherein the one learning watches and mimics the other when witnessing them rewarded for good behavior.


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Short answer (because I really don't want to type all the theory and examples--and there's plenty): Because generally, women aren't logical.

How many times have you heard of women doing something, just simply because they want to or think it's a good idea--damn the long term effects?

Hate saying it, but go to Reddit, go on The Red Pill. It's a sub for creating an environment for men to have more sex in today's society--BUT, it also has great information on how shit works. You can ignore the "Lift, bro, have sex" nonsense (although there is some solid reasoning behind all of their positions). Granted, there's usually a shit storm of posts, but the theory (with examples) are on the side bar. It talks a lot more, and with a lot more effort than I'm willing to say here, about women, relationships, mindset, and the like. There's suggested reading (which is very good). It'll take about a month to go through it all. By then you'll have absorbed some good data.

And then you'll understand why you can't explain it to a woman. That just doesn't work--nor does it make you look good in her eyes. There's a sub called Married Red Pill, but that's usually an incoherent circlejerk that gives conflicting info. does have some good points to retain.

(To me...) It's about leadership. Being a strong man with a strong sense of identity, and leading your wife/LTR (who's called a first mate to your captain) down the path. This isn't done in a day, or a month, nor by explanation. It's by examples that you provide.

A daughter, like this one, needs to be raised in an environment where she's taught (from the get go), that having many partners is bad, that the media really wants to bring down society (it's the Jews, dude. Plain and simple), and by starting them early in a good place is best for everybody.

PM me if you want to yak more. j


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most women straight up ignore logic until menopause

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What if the best approach is just genuinely showing women all the data and trying to reason with them

I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle. If you are talking about a daughter you can speak frankly and use the Socratic method, ask them what they think will make them happy and how they want to work towards that. most will be in touch with their own humanity enough to say that family is a big part of life, If they say they want to be a underwater welder or some picular profession then they may be that tiny fraction who is better off without family but this is stastically unlikely.

if you are talking about this for your self, as in looking to find a good wife: you are barking up the wrong tree. once they start down the long road of cocks its too late. If they want that life then they will get it, even if you make a nonjudgemental compassionate and well-reasoned argument about how it's not what high-quality guys want, they won't care. they won't be interested in high quality for 10 years, what they want are high length and high volume.

don't expect to find great quality at walmart. there might be the coassional steal of a deal there but most of the time its crap for cheap. South american, eastern europian and asian women are much more likely to share your traditional values.

step 1: become high-quality guy (make money, take care of health, read, always work to better yourself, ect) step 2: find high-quality women while shopping in a high quality marketplace (some church girls or the aforementioned countries)


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Son, put down the keyboard. Turn off the computer. Take your phone and place it on the counter.

Just stay off messages boards for a week, and the retard should slowly eke out of you.


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