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This is a much better idea actually. The goal should be to piss off lefty liberals and the enemies of the right wing in order to red pill them and make them fight each other, not pat yourself on the back for pissing blacks off even more than they already are. Changing black movies into white movies does nothing except help justify their cause.

Speaking of which I was thinking of pissing off lefties and the liberal author JK rowling, and UK in general, saying "Why can't Harry Potter be black?"

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"starring michelle obama"


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Hermione has a bigger penis than you do.

...and (s)he's black.


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Concerning JK Rowling, why not go further? Have her Sjw ilk eat her alive. Demand to know why she didn’t include transgender characters in the books. When she tries to virtue retcon the books like she did when Dumbledore magically (no pun intended) turned gay mid series, call her out on her obvious anti-trans agenda for misgendering the character with the wrong pronouns.

Question her books from such a hyper-SJW point of view that she can never do right: Why no wheelchair wizards? Why are all the fat characters evil like the Dudleys or mocked like Neville Longbottom? Why the mysoginistic messaging of making the one middle-aged female in government who broke through the glass ceiling out to be the villain? Why was the multi-color haired witch overtly cisgender and heterosexual? Why didn’t Harry have two fathers?

Sure, it’s all bullshit, but it’d be a nice change of pace to watch sjws turn on their beloved Harry Potter and tear it apart for a while.


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she will cave willingly and gobble cock all the way till every character is a transnigger soyboykike anal gaping pedo, as much of a piece of shit as she is, there are alot of uncucked dopes who still fondly remember her shit, i dont think that would be a great direction.

Instead maybe just do what the neo nazis and alt right did to taylor swift or what liberals reverse did to milk and the okay hand sign and claim it!

Insist that jk rowling is #ourgirl and actually subvertly promoting nationalism, draw parallels between niggers and the villains (all you need are 3 coincidences to convince most people) and antifemenism, state how the whole story is pro masculinism etc etc.

Any well balanced story will have a enough of those things in it to overanalize and draw out of, this will rob harry potter off her like the alt right did to the cuck who drew pepe the frog!


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Question her books from such a hyper-SJW point of view that she can never do right

That is rule 4 from Saul Alinsky's 12 rules for radicals, the collection of culture war tactics the left have successfully used against us for 4 decades now:

  • “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.“ If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.


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JK Rowling is solely responsible for getting kids to read again, sorry thats 'Dame' JK Rowling. What like kids didn't know what a book was until she came along? I grew up on ladybird books and King Rolo, working class kid snotty sleeve and everything associated with a chip on ones shoulder but the reality of make believe she conjures up is as far removed from, well um basically what I mean is her core base is ethnically enriched double income wanabee losers. Everybodys so middle class and nice.

Source:I'm drunk and pretty spiteful.


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I just finished the movies, and it's weird how it's so pro immigration and blood mixing and how everything nazi's stood for was absolutely evil. It's very subtle but it teaches kids how bad it is to like anything that is anti-immigration or anti-acceptance of other races as pure murderous evil, and if you dont fight back they are going to kill and torture everyone.

I wont be surprised if the harry potter movies is actually where much of the left get their ideals from.


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I hate Harry cunting Potter, and the dim bulb who wrote the derivative mess. Terry Pratchett should have sued her for the flagrant thefts from the Discworld series.


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This is EXCELLENT! Agree that pissing off blacks does nothing, they are aggressive baseline, its a short trip and low hanging fruit, they get upset enough by just saying hi, let alone nigger. What is smart is taking the fight to the source, appropriate every SINGLE fucking thing they have and tag it on the blacks, so they are forced to either oppose black subversion of jewry or support black subversion of jewry, WIN FUCKING WIN!

I wanna see holocaust banners highlighting that blacks were the main suppressed group (jews love everyone thinking they were the only group suppressed) or even better, copy paste all the holocaust movie titles but replace jews with ukranians/russians and replace all hitler images with bolsheviks.

I wanna see some nigger rabbis and black/jew interracialism, i wanna see those fuckers meme cucked into a shoah.

While we are at it, make mohammed black (like subsaharin) redo asian movies with negros (they will love that) and make every other fucking race feel the sting.

But focus on jews, if doing the other races only cover the most important cultural cornerstones, no low hanging fruit